Rhys Thomas shares about Chakras and Your True Purpose


Rhys Thomas is a visionary author, speaker, and trainer in the field of Energy Medicine. He founded the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine to help people awaken to their deepest sense of purpose and become a transformational healing force in the world.

WEBSITE: http://rhysthomasinstitute.com/

BOOK: https://discoveryourpurposebook.com/

I met Rhys at a $10K Training event back in 2012. I was very impressed with his passion for helping people to understand the ideas inside of energy healing. If you are intrigued by energy work, feel free to reach out to Rhys. He is a wonderful human being.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or clarification.

Event-fully Yours,

BRAD “MagicBrad” GUDIM

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