Synergy Collaborative


What is the Synergy Collaborative?

The Synergy Collaborative is an affordable membership based cooperative of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. We collaborate and co-promote each other by leveraging Social Media and Live Event Marketing strategies.


On Social Media we strategically and authentically “like, comment and share” each others posts, projects and events, (rather than push our own agendas on our individual networks) which can be overwhelming to our friends at times.

The reach and online exposure is significantly greater when seven (7) other collaborators share your projects to their networks, in contrast to you sharing your post seven (7) times to your own networks.

We use Live Events as the optimal way to build our businesses through meeting real people, at live in-person. If you have a live event (workshop, seminar, retreat etc) as a member, you can promote it through the Synergy Collaborative.

Live Events, when done right, are the most cost effective method of marketing and promoting a product, service or cause. When done wrong, they are the most expensive.


Synergy Collaborate VIDEO by “MagicBrad” – CLICK HERE