Events are listed on our sister website, the Synergy Collaborative

Events fall into two (2) basic categories. They are either “online” via the internet, or “live” at a physical venue.

If you have an event planned (online or live) and you would like to have it published and promoted by the Academy and our Affiliated Partners, you can request an evaluation of your event by contacting us HERE.

Events are either Online or Live and relevant to the educational and informational topics in the Synergy Lifestyle Academy. These events are hosted and produced by individuals (Teachers, Trainers, Coaches, Consultants)

There are free and paid events. Some events are arranged for Invested Affiliates to earn commissions.

Some events will be private and exclusive to only Enrolled Students, Active Faculty and Invested Affiliates and other events will be open to public.

The ONLINE events are webinars, trainings, group classes, masterminds are available to anyone with internet access.

The LIVE events are in-person classes, seminars, workshops, conferences, masterminds and retreats and are held at various properties both domestic and international. Some live events will be held at smaller local private and community venues. Other live events will be held at traditional hotels, conference centers and resorts. And some at unique exotic locations like Costa Rica.

Some examples of LIVE events are Executive Mastermind Retreats (Career), Real Estate Investing Seminars (Finance), Marriage Encounter (Relationships), Vision Quests (Spirituality), Yoga Retreats (Wellness)