John Chow presents the Supercharge Summit in Las Vegas


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#SomethingBIGisComing – Affiliate Marketing gets a FACEbook Lyft in the Travel Industry

This will be refreshing to see.
Finally, someone that wants to help others, and will actually help others. (It’s often BS talk)
It usually goes the other way, where “leaders” have had success with a specific program or company, and then “share their secret” for a fee.
I’ve always been puzzled as to why someone would “teach others for a fee” rather than just continue to earn from the business or company they are already representing. ESPECIALLY when there are multiple tiers/levels, like in Multi-Level Marketing, where the leader earns residuals from the results of their “downline”.
In the MLMs I’ve tried (I’ve only tried a few), I recall, the excitement and passion that my sponsors had BEFORE I signed on. They were all passionate and excited to help me succeed. They told me… “You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.” over and over. Then AFTER I signed, they seemed to fade away. This was not totally the fault of the disingenuous Upline Leaders, but also the fault of the BROKEN Network Marketing Industry Model (IMO).
The problem with the “Old Model” Network Marketing methods is they are “linear”, and can not be built using the internet, because the internet is not linear. The internet grows OMNI-directional.
The internet grows FAST. It spreads so fast and rapidly, that we can not keep up and we lose our authentic connection with our affiliates. (There is a better way, and I am developing it.)
Why not simply help your downline affiliate succeed, and be content with the residual commissions from your downline affiliates success??
The online coaching and affiliate world has been tarnished and contaminated by those “Bait and Switch” type tactics.
Let’s put an end to the greed and gluttony.
When someone joins my team, I help them succeed for FREE and am grateful for the residuals that RESULT from their $UCCE$$.
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What is Synergy Cafe?

You’re curious. Maybe you’ve seen this online and you want to know, what is Synergy Cafe?


Synergy Cafe is a “virtual coffee shop” where entrepreneurs and business owners can meet via video conferencing and share ideas, pass knowledge and collaborate for success.


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Rhys Thomas shares about Chakras and Your True Purpose


Rhys Thomas is a visionary author, speaker, and trainer in the field of Energy Medicine. He founded the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine to help people awaken to their deepest sense of purpose and become a transformational healing force in the world.



I met Rhys at a $10K Training event back in 2012. I was very impressed with his passion for helping people to understand the ideas inside of energy healing. If you are intrigued by energy work, feel free to reach out to Rhys. He is a wonderful human being.

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Natural Health practices with Minneapolis native resident Nurse Kerri Murray Rashid



Starting her own business as “Nurse Kerri” seemed to be a natural fit. She is a representative of Young Living Essential Oils out of Utah.

This morning at our Master Networks meeting in Minnetonka, Nurse Kerri did a presentation about the benefits of Essential Oils. I was especially impressed with the amount of testimonials that she got from others in the room that had used her oils in the past and they rave reviews that they all had for her and the oils.

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Did you know… that Chiropractic was discovered near Minneapolis, MN?


In this interview with Dr. Derek Anderson of HealthSource Chiropractic on Minnetonka, we learned that the practice of chiropractic originated very close to Minneapolis, MN.

I learned that chiropractic originated in the United States. If fact, it originated very close to my home town of Minneapolis. It is just south of the border in Iowa.

I also learned what chiropractic is NOT. It is not a quick fix to all your pains and problems. It is important to go regularly as a maintenance practice. You should get adjusted regularly.

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Chiropractic Care in the Winter with Dr. Derek Anderson and MagicBrad

In this SynergyCafe interview, Dr. Derek Anderson of HealthSource Chiropractic shares some of the preventative tips for keeping our body in shape during the winter months. When you keep your body in shape it is fall less likely that you will experience an injury.

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Power of Intention and Insight with Gleb Tsipursky on SynergyCafe #MagicBrad

GUEST: Gleb Tsipursky


HOST: Brad Gudim #MagicBrad

Life Coach and Business Consulting with Myrna King | #SynergyCafe with #MagicBrad


GUEST: Myrna King

HOST: Brad Gudim aka #MagicBrad

Yoga Poses and Studio Ownership: The 3-Step Foundation

So… you are considering opening a Yoga Studio…



Where do you want your studio?

You might think that a busy retail space is ideal. This may help with drive by traffic, but do you actually NEED drive by and walk by traffic? A busy traffic location will COST MORE. Another thought you might consider is an IDEAL area with a “ready to tap” community of like-minded people. These days with Social Media Advertising, it is much eaisier to find other Yoga and Fitness Enthusients.


Minneapolis has a lot of unique unusual old warehouses spaces. These spaces would be much more afforable than a space on a busy high traffic area like Uptown Minneapolis. Also, on a side-note, I know a guy in Costa Rica that has a development and is wanting to add a Wellness Center to the complex. (Might be a great opportunity calling you) 



The big question of WHY are you opening a Yoga Studio?

Why are you wanting to open a Yoga Studio. Is it the money? Is it the lifestyle? Is it making a change in the world? Is it helping other people? Before you move forward, get REALLY CLEAR on your “WHY”. 



Not just ecologically, but also the FINANCE of running the business and making is profitable. Are going to earn enough money to pay yourself well, and also pay your teachers and trainers well? Will you be doing Retreats and other events to increase your income. Will you be able to pay the rent and keep the lights and heat on?


PS: My friend Nick has a development in Costa Rica and wants to add a Wellness Center to his complex. Costa Rica is a very energy sustainable country. (and has no army) Kinda cool.




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