John Chow presents the Supercharge Summit in Las Vegas


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Interview with Coach, Author and Speaker, Lily Sanders on #SynergyCafe with #MagicBrad



In this SynergyCafe interview with Lily Sanders, we talk about spirituality and coaching regarding being in “present moment”. She also touches on traumatic situations that almost forces us to take self inquiries about your-self and your life. We all experience pain in our lives, and change is inevitable. We need to flow and move and adjust to situations.

Lily was awarded as one of the top 15 coaches in New York.

You can get her book TRUTH to Triumph: A Spiritual Guide to Finding Your Truth by going to her website at: www.LilySanders.LIVE


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Human Design with Lynne Dominick on #SynergyCafe with #MagicBrad


What is Human Design, and how can we learn more?




I met Lynne on Facebook from a page for people that did Retreats. I love how the serendipity pulls people together for reasons beyond our understanding. Lynne represents a tool called Human Design that helps people to understand some very complicated science and spirit elements. Lynne did my Human Design and I am a “Manifesting Generator” FYI.


Lynne also has an eCommerce business

She works with Human Design, Intuitive Readings and The Sacred Circle. She can work with Retreat Coordinators in pre-launch of their events.

You can also connect with Lynne on FACEBOOK


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#SomethingBIGisComing – Affiliate Marketing gets a FACEbook Lyft in the Travel Industry

This will be refreshing to see.
Finally, someone that wants to help others, and will actually help others. (It’s often BS talk)
It usually goes the other way, where “leaders” have had success with a specific program or company, and then “share their secret” for a fee.
I’ve always been puzzled as to why someone would “teach others for a fee” rather than just continue to earn from the business or company they are already representing. ESPECIALLY when there are multiple tiers/levels, like in Multi-Level Marketing, where the leader earns residuals from the results of their “downline”.
In the MLMs I’ve tried (I’ve only tried a few), I recall, the excitement and passion that my sponsors had BEFORE I signed on. They were all passionate and excited to help me succeed. They told me… “You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.” over and over. Then AFTER I signed, they seemed to fade away. This was not totally the fault of the disingenuous Upline Leaders, but also the fault of the BROKEN Network Marketing Industry Model (IMO).
The problem with the “Old Model” Network Marketing methods is they are “linear”, and can not be built using the internet, because the internet is not linear. The internet grows OMNI-directional.
The internet grows FAST. It spreads so fast and rapidly, that we can not keep up and we lose our authentic connection with our affiliates. (There is a better way, and I am developing it.)
Why not simply help your downline affiliate succeed, and be content with the residual commissions from your downline affiliates success??
The online coaching and affiliate world has been tarnished and contaminated by those “Bait and Switch” type tactics.
Let’s put an end to the greed and gluttony.
When someone joins my team, I help them succeed for FREE and am grateful for the residuals that RESULT from their $UCCE$$.
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Rhys Thomas shares about Chakras and Your True Purpose


Rhys Thomas is a visionary author, speaker, and trainer in the field of Energy Medicine. He founded the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine to help people awaken to their deepest sense of purpose and become a transformational healing force in the world.



I met Rhys at a $10K Training event back in 2012. I was very impressed with his passion for helping people to understand the ideas inside of energy healing. If you are intrigued by energy work, feel free to reach out to Rhys. He is a wonderful human being.

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PS: Ya got 17 Minutes to learn about starting an Online Business?

Aquarius February 2017 Horoscope | Gregory Scott Astrology

AQUARIUS HOROSCOPE FOR FEBRUARY 2017!! This free horoscope applies to the star sign Aquarius, born January 20 – February 18, and is aimed at Sun Sign Aquarius and Rising Sign Aquarius. Visit for private astrology, tarot, numerology readings and more info.


SynergyCafe Show – SPIRITUALITY (New Age, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism

SPIRITUALITY… always in interesting and often times HEATED DEBATE.

When is come to the topic of “spirituality” the participants often times get it confused with RELIGION. Today we talked about Jesus as a man, and Jesus as God, or A God, or The God. There are many different ways of looking at this topic.

In my personal opinion (Yes, I have one) the topic of “spirituality” is open to each individuals perception. The various “religions” are man-made from their own individual perceptions of what each individual learns and chooses to believe in.

Each individual will argue and sometimes FIGHT for their opinion to be the GOSPEL TRUTH.

There is only one absolute truth, and that is I AM.

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Synergy Cafe Online INTERVIEW with Darren Maxwell – Psychic Shaman

Synergy Cafe Online INTERVIEW
with Darren Maxwell – Psychic Shaman

This was an AMAZING interview with a psychic shaman by the name of Darren Maxwell from Australia. He hosts retreats and workshops in Bali and Hawaii as well as in Australia. I’d love to get him over here to Asheville some day too.

He calls himself the “Modern Urban Shaman”.

Modern Urban Shamanism is a spiritual path and collective knowing that has grown out the human need to understand its surroundings, the environment it lives in and the more-than-human-others it shares the environment with. Modern Urban Shamanism is not bound by gender, race, culture, skin colour or ceremonial practice. No One shamanic practitioner holds the key to every answer. It is inclusive of the whole, no one and no thing is left out.
From the earth beneath our feet, to the stars clearly seen in the night sky, we are One, we are the System, we are Universal. The animals, the plants the insects and the earth are our kin. They are our soul mates! They create this experience of life with us. To believe that one is more or less important than the other is living in a fools paradise. From the first to the last, humans are living a united experience.



MORNING MEDITATION – You have the Whole World in Your Hands.

MORNING MEDITATION – you have the whole world in your hands.

This meditation concept will shift your thinking from selfish, family, city, state, country… Into the WHOLE WORLD.

Monica Kenton – Spirituality and Money

For more information about how to make more money while being more spiritual in your unique business, please visit (Sign up there for your free gift to start you on your path.)