Tax Planning – How can you become a Tax Preparer?

Tax planning all throughout the tax class people keep harping on creating value for your client. Also showing value to your client. You are gaining value by using my expertise. Make sure they qualify for the benefit. Be on the look out for tax strategy. There is a certain element where you can identify certain types of tax preparers. You may say I am going to let you know about three tax deductions that are overlooked. Number one student loan interest. This deduction was easy to find. The company will say you pay a couple hundred dollars for your attacks interest. However companies started posting the 1098 E form and they will not send a piece of paper to the text payers house. You need to ask are you paying back any student loans?

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Top 10 Missed Tax Deductions for Business

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Below are the Top 10 most missed tax deductions.

10 – Cell Phone
9 – Business Start-Up Costs
8 – Bank and Credit Card Processing Fees
7 – Interest on Credit Cards and Business Loans
6 – Vehicle Mileage
5 – Postage and Shipping
4 – Self-Employed Health Insurance
3 – Sales Tax on Items that are Given Away for Free
2 – Section 179 Expanses
1 – S-Type Election

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