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How to INVEST your Time-Money with $86,400 in Your Time-BANK…



IMAGINE there is a bank that credits your account each monring with $86,400.

It carries over o balance from day to day

And every evening it deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use that day.

What would you do? – DRAW OUT EVERY CENT.

Each of us has such a bank. It’s called TIME.

To realize the value of one year, ask the student that failed a grade.

To realize the value of one month, ask the mother who gave birth to a premature baby.

To realize the value of one week, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of an hour, ask the man that missed his train.

To realize the value of a minute, ask the person that missed a plane.

To realize the value of a second, who narrowly missed a car accident.

To realize the value of a milli-second ask the olympian that took second place.


Time is a commodity that we all have in common. It’s exactly the same for each and every being on the planet. Next time you think or say… “I don’t have time.”, re-think what you are saying.

You are actually saying to yourself, is you do not value YOUR time, so you spend your time carelessly. What if you had multiple recurring income streams, that allowed you to work only when you wanted, and where you wanted, and with who you wanted.

You could spend YOUR TIME the way you enjoy.

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Real Estate Investing with David Minor | #SynergyCafe #MagicBrad


In this SynergyCafe interview, I talked with David Minor of VESADO. David currently lives in Florida, however was a resident here in my home town of Minneapolis, MN.

Just a side note, I think it is really cool that we can connect via the internet. However we did run into some audio challenges with Davids internet connection. I/we apologize.

Investing in Real Estate can be very lucrative, however it can also be very risky if you are not very experienced and know all of the details and specifics. You also need to stay current on the laws and regulations in the Real Estate Industry.

Personally, I like the “make money online” model. I like to refer to internet properties (webpages, blogs, social media accounts etc( as “Internet Real Estate”. You can actually create a nice retirement “nest egg” from marketing and promoting other peoples products and services. This way you do not have the risk of owning inventory, yet you can earn very significant commissions. As high as 90% commissions.

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MagicBrad Presents on Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant



MagicBrad Presents on Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant and the areas of the Employee, the Self-Employed, the Business Owner and the Investor. (Get more Business Education with the 21 Steps Course)

Have you heard of the CASH FLOW QUADRANT?

The Cash Flow Quadrant was popularized by Robert Kiosaki, author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The quadrant covers 4 levels of occupation starting with the Employee, then the Self-Employed, then the Business Owner and finally the Investor.

I’ve gone through, and re-visit all of these phases occasionally.

Each quadrant offers a different lifestyle of time freedom, and each quadrant requires a unique mindset. The Employee is content, with working for an hourly wage and climbing the ladder of success.

The Self-Employed person, has a desire for building their own dream and is willing to give up the security of a regular paycheck, to be in more control of income growth.

The Business Owner has more ambitious goals and is ok with hiring (and firing) employees, managing people, maintenance of equipment, and merchandise and the plethora of other tasks involved. Owning your own business can be financially rewarding but comes with a lot of responsibility and stress.

The Investor is a person that understands leverage, compounding and scaling. They use their time, money and energy to create more time money and energy with systems and processes. This can create that “passive income” that so many people desire, but do not have the mindset for.

Each of these areas of the Cash Flow Quadrant require a unique mindset and different elements of education and knowledge. There really is no simple path to independent wealth but there is a “first step” that leads to many more steps along the path of wealth creation and financial freedom.

I’ve recently become more interested in these 4 phases of lifestyle occupation, so I will be creating some more video content on MagicBradTV on my interpretation of each quadrant and how and where I have experienced them in my occupation of time and energy.

Perhaps my experience will be of service to you on your lifestyle path.

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Real Estate Investing | Homes for Sale with Peter Vekselman and #MagicBrad


GUEST: Peter Vekselman


HOST: Brad Gudim aka #MagicBrad

One Penny Doubled Everyday for 30 Days is HOW MUCH?

So, have you ever pulled out your calculator and run these numbers?

It is pretty AMAZING. Compounding is a very powerful concept. Even though this “doubling” idea does not seem possible to become a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE in less than a month, the concept still holds true and the mindset is for sure something to consider when investing your time, energy and money.

BRAD ‘MagicBrad’ GUDIM

Investing Buying and Selling BONDS


Why Invest In Bonds? (Part 1 of 7)

Bonds – Their Origins – (Part 2 of 7)

Bond Vocabulary – The Basics (Part 3 of 7)

Bond Vocabulary – Buying & Selling (Part 4 of 7)

Bond Yields (Part 5 of 7)

Bond Features (Part 6 of 7)

Bond Market Pricing ( Part 7 of 7)

The Laws of Physics and the Ascension Business Model


This VIDEO is a demonstration of how the Laws of Physics, when applied correctly will progressively accomplish greater and greater results, from a very simple initial task.

When this method is applied into a Business Model and integrated into a System there can be AMAZING RESULTS from very little effort.

This can also be applied to Compounding Investments.

It’s a scientific FACT and it is THE LAW.

The power in this model comes from a progressive building of momentum, where it starts with very little effort and slowly gets to be more and more and MORE.

In sales, this starts with a simple opt-in or small entry purchase price like say, $9.97 and slowly adds product offerings and value with slight price increases so there is no “sticker shock”. These are sometimes referred to as Up Sells. We have all heard these at restaurants, like… “You want fries with that?”.

Robert Kiyosaki – Cash Flow Quadrant

Robert Kiyosaki – CASH FLOW QUADRANT

E = Employee

B = Business Owner

S = Self-Employed

I = Investor

The Cash Flow Quadrant concept in and of itself is valuable to understand. The basics are pretty simple. It is the cross over and application of the concepts into our everyday lives that make the real difference in whether we have TIME to enjoy our lives, or we are just bizzy being bizzy.

Take for example, the MLM or Network Marketing industry. The industry in general, expresses the ability for leveraged income and time freedom, when in REALITY, the leaders are constantly on the phone and presenting at meetings and conventions. I would not call this “time-freedom”, unless of course the individual THRIVES from being bizzy and on stage most of their lives.

Personally, I enjoy being spontaneous and living a casual lifestyle with minimal commitments and having the abiity to do what I want, when I want, if I want.

BRAD ‘MagicBrad’ GUDIM

Intelligent REIT Investing (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

Interview Dr. Brad Case, Senior VP with the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts.