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Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? aka Robot Tax or UBI


What is UBI (Universal Basic Income), also called the “Robot Tax”.



Here are my thoughts on UBI.

Like most ideas, there are pros and cons, good and bad.

In regards to the “Robot Tax” example, where people are concerned about the robots taking over all the jobs, and people will no longer have jobs, I think that is incorrect. I think people will always have “things to do” (jobs) or things that need to be done (tasks).

Jobs are for employees and created by employers and business owners. The robots only make the jobs easier, and not really eliminate people from the picture. Technology only increases production.

So let’s say the robotic industrial age did eliminate the need for people to do the repetitive or dangerous jobs that are more efficiently done by robots. I don’t think these people would just sit around watching Netflix, eating Doritos. I think people have an inherent desire to create. They would do something. If you give them something to do and it is productive and creative they will do it. Even the beggars on the street, create their own cardboard signs, right?

Since the “Robot Tax” (UBI) is being paid by the Self-Employed and Business Owners by taxing them, they are still compensating the people of the community through the UBI.

What if we made it easy for people to start and operate their own income streams or their own businesses? What if these businesses grew and created more wealth, and then of course paid their share of the UBI (Robot Tax)?

I understand the “self-employment” is not for everybody, but I think if the ability to earn money from referring products and services to others (Affiliate Marketing) was made to be easier and more common place, then people would take it on and refer products and services to their friends, family and social networks. Heck, many are already doing that. They just don’t have their referrals connected to a system that pays them commissions for their referrals.

I can help with that.


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Who is Jordan Belfort, and is he like Tai Lopez?


Remember the movie Wolf of Wall Street?

Jordan Belfort is a real person depicted in the movie.



Do you believe Tai Lopez really owns those cars?

7-Figures is almost NOTHING to these guys.

in this YouTube Video Tai and Jordan talk about the REAL details that inspired the movie version.

The Leonardo DiCaprio:

I respect that Jordan, has turned his life around from doing anything for money, to being an ethical sales person. He is using his powers for good.

With the plethora of people accessible from the internet, why not target people that you want to sincerely want to help. It is a simple choice, to be selective and only work with the people that can and will succeed. The predatory mindset is the thinking of a thief.

My personal philosophy is the customer is not only right, but they should be in total control and the decision should be totally up to them, and they need to be 100% comfortable with the purchase.

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What is Synergy Cafe?

You’re curious. Maybe you’ve seen this online and you want to know, what is Synergy Cafe?


Synergy Cafe is a “virtual coffee shop” where entrepreneurs and business owners can meet via video conferencing and share ideas, pass knowledge and collaborate for success.


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How to INVEST your Time-Money with $86,400 in Your Time-BANK…



IMAGINE there is a bank that credits your account each monring with $86,400.

It carries over o balance from day to day

And every evening it deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use that day.

What would you do? – DRAW OUT EVERY CENT.

Each of us has such a bank. It’s called TIME.

To realize the value of one year, ask the student that failed a grade.

To realize the value of one month, ask the mother who gave birth to a premature baby.

To realize the value of one week, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of an hour, ask the man that missed his train.

To realize the value of a minute, ask the person that missed a plane.

To realize the value of a second, who narrowly missed a car accident.

To realize the value of a milli-second ask the olympian that took second place.


Time is a commodity that we all have in common. It’s exactly the same for each and every being on the planet. Next time you think or say… “I don’t have time.”, re-think what you are saying.

You are actually saying to yourself, is you do not value YOUR time, so you spend your time carelessly. What if you had multiple recurring income streams, that allowed you to work only when you wanted, and where you wanted, and with who you wanted.

You could spend YOUR TIME the way you enjoy.

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Real Estate Investing with David Minor | #SynergyCafe #MagicBrad


In this SynergyCafe interview, I talked with David Minor of VESADO. David currently lives in Florida, however was a resident here in my home town of Minneapolis, MN.

Just a side note, I think it is really cool that we can connect via the internet. However we did run into some audio challenges with Davids internet connection. I/we apologize.

Investing in Real Estate can be very lucrative, however it can also be very risky if you are not very experienced and know all of the details and specifics. You also need to stay current on the laws and regulations in the Real Estate Industry.

Personally, I like the “make money online” model. I like to refer to internet properties (webpages, blogs, social media accounts etc( as “Internet Real Estate”. You can actually create a nice retirement “nest egg” from marketing and promoting other peoples products and services. This way you do not have the risk of owning inventory, yet you can earn very significant commissions. As high as 90% commissions.

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Tax Planning – How can you become a Tax Preparer?

Tax planning all throughout the tax class people keep harping on creating value for your client. Also showing value to your client. You are gaining value by using my expertise. Make sure they qualify for the benefit. Be on the look out for tax strategy. There is a certain element where you can identify certain types of tax preparers. You may say I am going to let you know about three tax deductions that are overlooked. Number one student loan interest. This deduction was easy to find. The company will say you pay a couple hundred dollars for your attacks interest. However companies started posting the 1098 E form and they will not send a piece of paper to the text payers house. You need to ask are you paying back any student loans?

Here are 10 Signs You’re Not Saving Enough for Retirement Planning

Retirement might be decades away, but it is never to early to plan ahead. Saving money can feel limiting. You can not access the funds so you wonder why am I letting it sit in some account when I could be using the money to enjoy my life.

That is a very good way of looking at the retirement scenario.

Perhaps a better way to plan for retirement is to set yourself up with an income earning machine that generates passive income. Maybe you say you will never retire because you love doing what you do. As long as your occupation is not physically challenging you can continue to earn income.

The online world is ideal for this, however you need to learn and become education about business, and marketing so that you can set up a system that generates sufficient funds.

OR… you can use someone else’s system, and sell someone else’s products, services.

You don’t want to end the last days of your life as a mall security guard.

Imagine is you had an opportunity to direct traffic into the Mall of America, or into the Ridgedale Center and once your leads got into the mall, and made purchases, you go paid a commission from every single purchase that they made inside the mall.

You only job was to drive traffic through the doors, and once those people are in the mall and shopping, your job is done. You get paid, when they make purchases.

You do not need to “sell” them on anything. The sales people on the floor do all that. You only need to direct them to the mall. You do not need to process orders. The cashiers process all the orders. You do not need to do any up-selling. The sales people do that for you.

That would be a very cool system.

But the Mall of America does not have that option for you.

However, this Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough does.

How to Simplify Budgeting to Leverage Minimalism and WIN!

MagicBrad Presents on Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant



MagicBrad Presents on Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant and the areas of the Employee, the Self-Employed, the Business Owner and the Investor. (Get more Business Education with the 21 Steps Course)

Have you heard of the CASH FLOW QUADRANT?

The Cash Flow Quadrant was popularized by Robert Kiosaki, author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The quadrant covers 4 levels of occupation starting with the Employee, then the Self-Employed, then the Business Owner and finally the Investor.

I’ve gone through, and re-visit all of these phases occasionally.

Each quadrant offers a different lifestyle of time freedom, and each quadrant requires a unique mindset. The Employee is content, with working for an hourly wage and climbing the ladder of success.

The Self-Employed person, has a desire for building their own dream and is willing to give up the security of a regular paycheck, to be in more control of income growth.

The Business Owner has more ambitious goals and is ok with hiring (and firing) employees, managing people, maintenance of equipment, and merchandise and the plethora of other tasks involved. Owning your own business can be financially rewarding but comes with a lot of responsibility and stress.

The Investor is a person that understands leverage, compounding and scaling. They use their time, money and energy to create more time money and energy with systems and processes. This can create that “passive income” that so many people desire, but do not have the mindset for.

Each of these areas of the Cash Flow Quadrant require a unique mindset and different elements of education and knowledge. There really is no simple path to independent wealth but there is a “first step” that leads to many more steps along the path of wealth creation and financial freedom.

I’ve recently become more interested in these 4 phases of lifestyle occupation, so I will be creating some more video content on MagicBradTV on my interpretation of each quadrant and how and where I have experienced them in my occupation of time and energy.

Perhaps my experience will be of service to you on your lifestyle path.

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