The Laws of Physics and the Ascension Business Model


This VIDEO is a demonstration of how the Laws of Physics, when applied correctly will progressively accomplish greater and greater results, from a very simple initial task.

When this method is applied into a Business Model and integrated into a System there can be AMAZING RESULTS from very little effort.

This can also be applied to Compounding Investments.

It’s a scientific FACT and it is THE LAW.

The power in this model comes from a progressive building of momentum, where it starts with very little effort and slowly gets to be more and more and MORE.

In sales, this starts with a simple opt-in or small entry purchase price like say, $9.97 and slowly adds product offerings and value with slight price increases so there is no “sticker shock”. These are sometimes referred to as Up Sells. We have all heard these at restaurants, like… “You want fries with that?”.

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